Blue; that’s the answer you’re looking for. Tired of generic articles about interior design; with so many magazines, television shows and a barrage of other media none of us know what we want in our home.

Design magazines will always provide us with new insight and ideas for the home. Designers and Architects doing advanced work are often featured in these publications to inspire new ideas for the reader. Taking these new ideas and blending them with your lifestyle is the tricky part. Are concrete floors for you; are you more interested in wall to wall carpet but afraid of the impact on the resale value of your home?

The majority of us are influenced by interiors seen in movies and on television. They set the standard for what we see as “homey’, “luxurious”, “trendy” or “quirky”. Movie and television set designers can send us a message about the characters immediately by way of the interiors. For example: leather sofas, tiger skin carpet, chrome lamps all add up to bachelor pad; antiques, knick-knacks, colonial detailing, wood furniture all add up to a cosy suburban family home.

How do we want to express ourselves? Most of us do not fit into movie stereotypes and just want a nice home. Some of us are homey and others are bachelors. Some are young couples who don’t aspire to the “cozy” home but want a modern home that fits their lifestyle and some have had “cozy” for too long and want to have a modern luxurious home for a change.

The first place to start is with taking a look at a bunch of magazines and getting an idea of the trend in your likes and dislikes. Narrow it down to one or two rooms that you love, not for their size but for the colour scheme and mood. Be the Hollywood stylist in your own home; set the tone to state your character. If you’re tired of your old look don’t be tied down with old sofas, tables, chairs and artwork that don’t suit you anymore; they can be sent to storage or go off to live with friends and allow you to start fresh.

Photo by Kristine Weilert on Unsplash