When preparing for a new kitchen most homeowners look very carefully at new appliances and what they offer for the modern lifestyle.

As the clean aesthetic of the modern kitchen continues to gain momentum, refrigerator manufacturers are introducing more models that integrate nicely with the kitchen. The counter depth refrigerator offers an esthetic improvement by reducing the amount the refrigerator sticks past the cabinets. Fully integrated refrigerators offered by companies like Sub-Zero, Miele, Gaggenau and Liebherr allow the designer to integrate the refrigerator even further with panels to match the cabinetry. The most advanced models look like pantry cabinets when finished.

Long gone is the electric coil cooktop.Today’s kitchen is equipped with the cooktop that meets the needs of the family. Gas cooktops became popular at the start of the new millennium as more cooks took on more challenging cooking styles that required even heat, fast adjustments and esthetic value. People began to stir fry more often as a variety of ethnic cooking styles became more and more popular. New advancements in technology has brought the Induction cooktop to the forefront allowing electic cooktops that provide the same even heat, fast adjustments and even more esthetic value than gas cooktops. We can be assured that Induction will gain favour as more people learn of its benefits.

There are many advancements in technology that play a part in the new kitchen. Today’s kitchens have more than the standard appliances; many now include wok burners, steam ovens, espresso machines and televisions. Appliances are being designed to adapt to the new kitchen and often disappear into cabinetry. Wine fridges and specialty dishwashers have been incorporated to address the new entertaining styles in the modern home.

Advancements in cooking appliances continue at a rapid pace to meet the changing demands of the modern lifestyle be equipped to meet the ever changing dynamic of family living. Choosing these appliances will be exciting for the cook and surprisingly, even for the cleanup crew!