One of the challenges of upgrading into your dream home is the decision of whether to build a new home or buy and renovate a Character Home. Building a New Home can be a rewarding and exciting project for some but one of the challenges can be finding the right location to build that dream home. New neighborhoods often lack any sense of community or character and most new houses being built are missing personal details or mature landscaping. The other option for building a new dream home involves moving out of the city limits and commuting to a leafy “bedroom community”. Character homes on the other hand, are usually located in established and tree-lined neighborhoods. Typically, these homes have large lots with mature landscaping. The neighbors’ houses are usually beautiful, with brick and stone detailing and Character features that make each home truly unique.

Let’s start with the advantages of building a new house. A new home allows you the opportunity to create something unique and personal. The new house can perfectly suit your lifestyle with the advantage of nothing to restore; everything is new and exactly as you want it. The downside is that modern construction and attempting to build a home that has everything exactly as you want it often comes with cost over runs and completion delays. A solution to this can be hiring the right home Designer to not only design the house with your particular needs and budget in mind but also manage the construction crew from beginning to end. A house designer will reduce the frustration that can occur during any custom home building project. The designer can help keep costly mid project revisions to a minimum, properly manage the building project and its resources and provide assistance making time sensitive decisions. Hiring a professional for your custom home project will help offset undue cost over runs while maintaining the desired results.

Renovating a Character House is another very exciting option when deciding how to create your new dream home. Buying an older character home in need of updating provides you with the beauty of a home from another era. You can search for and find a home that still has its elegant details and unique finishes all within an established neighborhood that is often closer to amenities and city services. When embarking on any character home restoration homeowners should begin the process with a design professional. A designer will take the time to truly investigate the opportunities and challenges a character home has to offer while working collaboratively with the homeowner. We recommend that this kind of project involves hiring the right Renovation Designer to ensure that the project faces the least amount of challenges while always managing the desired budget. The right designer for a character home restoration project starts by formulating a design plan to suit the homeowner’s needs. An experienced designer will also manage the contracting team to ensure the budget and schedule goals are achieved which takes the stress off the homeowner.

Building a new house or renovating a Character property are both exciting opportunities to create a unique and personal dream home. Don’t be afraid to hire a design professional to help you through the decision making process; it will save you time and money when building your one of a kind dream home.