Custom Kitchen with Yellow Cabinetry and Dimensional Tile Backsplash

Cooking Appliances Today

When preparing for a new kitchen most homeowners look very carefully at new appliances and what they offer for the modern lifestyle. As the clean aesthetic of the modern kitchen continues to gain momentum, refrigerator manufacturers are introducing more models that integrate nicely with the kitchen. The counter depth refrigerator offers an esthetic improvement by […]

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Custom Kitchen Design - Vancouver Penthouse

The Kitchen of the Future

As the kitchen has evolved from a space in the back of the house to the centre of home life, the modern kitchen has evolved to meet the new demands. The Cook of the home is not necessarily the wife and frequently two to five people are involved in preparation of the family meal. We […]

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Design Magazine - Kristine Weilert

The Modern Home and the New Aesthetic

Blue; that’s the answer you’re looking for. Tired of generic articles about interior design; with so many magazines, television shows and a barrage of other media none of us know what we want in our home. Design magazines will always provide us with new insight and ideas for the home. Designers and Architects doing advanced […]

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