David Alan B. provides a wide range of design services from awe inspiring show-home décor to managing large scale renovations but each one shares a common thread.

It’s a unique service philosophy, one that helps clients enjoy the creative process by knowing that time-tested procedures and a team of experienced professionals will result in a project that is organized and enjoyable from start to finish.

“It’s a new way of looking at things. Certainly the outcome is all about making beautiful and functional spaces for our clients, but it’s the process of getting from here to there that involves collaboration and communication so that the project is a positive, exciting experience that’s on time, and on budget,” says Dave Boulanger, Principal of David Alan B.

Regardless of the size of the project or whether the client has renovated before or not, starting a design or renovation project can be intimidating for most people. David Alan B, customizes services to the needs of the client, offering everything from design assistance for those building new homes to full scale design and project management services for home renovations.

“Many people have great ideas and inspirations for their interiors but need guidance to help define their vision; we provide the innovation and plans that are unique to that particular client. Once that vision is created, many clients are thrilled to have us fully manage the execution of these projects – from sourcing products and materials to hiring the trades and managing the project to ensure it stays on schedule and on budget.”

Their extensive client portfolio consists of interior and exterior projects in Canada, Germany and Mexico with a range from high-style home decoration to historic restoration. The key to their ongoing success is making sure that the client is involved and informed at every stage of the project.

Often the client is able to leave town during a renovation so David Alan B. provides regular updates and photographs to show progress, allowing the client to relax knowing their project is in good hands.

Dave Boulanger

Dave has over 25 years of experience in the design industry with a portfolio consisting of Interior Design, Home Renovation Design, Historic Restoration and award winning Kitchen Design. His history of providing unique and wonderful results for each client has resulted in a very large portfolio of work with each project offering a distinct and unique style.  Dave loves the challenges presented by home renovation and has specialized in this industry for his entire career, giving him a reputation for creative use of space, focus on functionality, timeless design and individuality for each client.

Fred Lade

Fred has over 10 years of experience in Interior Design in Canada, Germany and Mexico. Fred’s hands-on management of each project has resulted in every project being completed with satisfied clients.  Combined with detailed management and attention to detail, Fred’s design style, extensive connections in the industry and creative use of colour and texture, provides clients with interiors that reflect high style, comfort, durability and value.