A Designer's Opinion

The Concierge and Renovations

Having worked in so many luxury buildings in Coal Harbour and Yaletown in downtown Vancouver, we have learned to work with the concierge and to respect their role in the renovation process.  While some may view the concierge as a road block to renovations, we’ve actually found them to be a wonderful part of our team by respecting that they have the responsibility to oversee the comings and goings within their building.  By providing a detailed schedule of work and staying within that schedule from the start of the project we’ve found that they are most happy to assist us in booking elevators and delivery zones.  To work in Coal Harbour and Yaletown you must respect that role in order to complete a project on time and maintain a long standing relationship with both your client and the Concierge in that building.

16th Feb 2011 Posted in: A Designer's Opinion