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Kitchen Counter Tops; Quartz

Quartz counter tops came on the scene a few years ago and its become the counter top of choice for most of my clients however there will be some cautions you must take into consideration. Quartz tops were first introduced by larger manufacturers around six years ago and have really gained market share. Their products are very durable and come in a fantastic range of colours and textures. Clients love the fact that they can have lighter tones for their countertops while enjoying the durability of a good granite. Unfortunately granite is not available in white or cream whereas Quartz tops come in almost every shade imaginable. I’ve stuck the mainline brands such as Caesarstone and Hanstone for most of my projects and have used Silestone and Akita in other applications. These mainline brands are very reliable and have a great track record but we now have to be careful because so many knock-offs are starting to hit the market. The knock-offs address pricing considerations making the product more affordable however their quality is not acceptable. I’ve picked up a few pieces of the knock-off materials and they are lighter weight, have less stone content and are much less durable than the big names.

Quartz tops are very expensive; the product is more expensive than other counter top materials however if you want the looks and durability, this is a wonderful product. We’ve used this in kitchens, bathrooms, for shower surrounds, for backsplashes and even floors in certain applications and the clients are all very happy. Stay away from the knock-offs and you’ll find you have a great, durable product.

25th Feb 2011 Posted in: A Designer's Opinion