A Designer's Opinion

Kitchen Counter Tops; Granite

One of the most frequently asked questions I get about kitchen design is regarding granite counter tops versus quartz tops.  For many years I insisted clients stick to granite for its durability.  A few years ago customers started asking me about granite’s durability as they were hearing from friends who were having problems with  staining and shading.  I did the research and found out that larger developers and importers were using the cheapest granite they could find which is terribly porous and therefore less durable than the granites I’ve been specifying for all these years.  I have informed my clients that as long as they stick to the good granite yards they will be provided with good quality stone that will be very durable without any need for maintenance such as sealer or polishing.  Sealers and polish is something only necessary for low grade, very porous granite and not needed for the better materials.

Granite is wonderful for kitchen counter tops.  Its easy to clean, very durable and I’ve got kitchens that have had their counter tops for over 20 years that look like the day they were  installed.

25th Feb 2011 Posted in: A Designer's Opinion