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Flooring Choices for Today’s Home

Yesterday I overheard a couple talking to a flooring consultant about using cork flooring.  While cork can be a nice looking product I’ve never recommended it to clients.  Cork can be problematic; it fades in sunlight and is not happy with moisture.  I’ve always told clients to avoid cork and to stick with more practical flooring choices.  Porcelain tile is probably the best finish to use in any wet area; it is extremely practical and easy to maintain.  We use porcelain tiles in most bathrooms for tub surrounds, shower walls and floors.  We always recommend using heated floors where possible to make the flooring more comfortable under-foot.

Hardwood floors are still the most popular floor choices for today’s consumer.  Varieties of new product in engineered floors are giving customers access to more exotic wood floors and the industry’s finishes are getting more and more durable.  Hardwood flooring can be used in kitchens but it is important for the consumer to look at how they use their kitchen and how eager they are to maintain the floor on a daily basis.  Any moisture or spills must be cleaned up immediately to prevent staining of the wood flooring.

Carpeting has been losing popularity for many years but now its getting a comeback.  Some people who have had hard flooring for a few years are moving back toward carpeted floors for two reasons; noise reduction and softness under-foot.  We recommend carpeting for bedrooms and staircases for comfort reasons and now many customers are starting to ask for larger area rugs in family living areas.  Will it go back to wall to wall carpeting????  I don’t know but we can definitely start to see area rugs getting larger!!!!

15th Feb 2011 Posted in: A Designer's Opinion